I am often asked "What does Centry mean and how did you arrive at that obscure name?"

A quick history lesson will bring us back to ancient Rome and the teachings of Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (c. 35 – c. 100 AD). He has a famous quote that says Quis, Quid, Ubi, Quibus Auxiliis, Cur, Quomodo, Quando? – ‘Who, what, where, with what, why, how?

Quintilianus lead us down a path to discovery and ultimately decided the roman Centurion guard will be the symbolic brand ambassador for our company. Centry Concrete Care products protect, strengthen and guard concrete just like the Centurions protected, strengthened and guarded Rome. The Centurion was the commander of a century within the roman army. Centurions were the highest rank usually held by men who were not from Rome’s elite senatorial or equestrian social classes. After Marius had reformed the army during the Republic era, they played a vital role and continued to be important throughout the Empire. At its height, that Empire employed around 1,800 legionary Centurions and at least as many commanding auxiliary troops.

The path to discovery found more answers to Quintilian's quote so we adopted (4) Roman foundation symbols that will help guide us to prosperity:

  1. "Aquila" The Eagle - Perched atop the legionary standard, its wings outstretched, this ferocious hunting bird represents the span of our products and processes 

  2. "Viribus" Strength - The triangle is the symbol of our products representing strength

  3. "Sapentia" Wisdom - The owl is the symbol of our processes representing wisdom and prophecy

  4. "Triumphi" Triumph - The laurel wreath  is our symbol of success and triumph

- ED 

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What if you could combine the automation of work provided by an auto scrubber with cutting edge concrete polishing chemistry? That's exactly what we did at Centry Concrete Care. The Centry TuffTrack concrete polishing system was designed and chemically engineered to use within mechanical auto-scrubbers to create a simple and dust-free operating experience. TuffTrack also offers a more durable finish than sealers and water-based coatings at 1/3 the cost of conventional methods. TuffTrack’s innovative chemistry is ideal for smooth troweled concrete or previously polished concrete and overlays.

Please see demonstration video here:

Since TuffTrack is an automated process installation could not be easier. Just follow the steps below to create a beautiful, economic and environmentally friendly floor that will last for many years.


TuffTRACK was engineered for bare hard troweled concrete slabs. Verify the slab is free of curing agents and sealers before starting with a water drop test. Drip small amounts of water over various areas of the concrete. Sealer is likely present if the water beads up and the color of the concrete does not change. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations to remove all latent compounds and sealers chemically or mechanically. Centry TUFFTRACK was designed for CSP1 and CSP2 concrete.


Sweep debris from the floor with dry mop. Fill scrubber tank with CENTRY CLEANER+ cleaning solution mixed at a ratio of 8oz /15 gal water. Apply cleaning solution at full flow and scrub slab with included 400 Grit RED fiber pads at full pressure and squeegee down. Travel at a slow walking pace in a north/south, east/west pattern. Go over the application area at least twice to thoroughly clean the slab. Note: For projects less than 500 sq. ft., pail mix cleaning solution (1oz: 4 gallons water) and pour onto slab, spreading with a flat squeegee and let dwell on surface for 15 mins before scrubbing with water only.


Empty scrubber tanks, rinse and fill with clean water. Travel at a medium walking pace in a north/south, east/west pattern with rinse water at full flow. Scrub with 400 Grit RED fiber pads at full down pressure and squeegee down. Allow to slab to dry.

STEP 3: RESTORE CONCRETE DENSIFIER Empty Auto Scrubber tanks and mix CENTRY RESTORE densifier, adding one part Restore to 3 parts water. Coverage rate is 375 sq. ft./ gal. Apply Restore solution at full flow scrubbing with 400 Grit RED fiber pads at full down pressure and squeegee up. Scrub in a north/south, east/west pattern. Once completed, turn off the flow setting and continue scrubbing RESTORE solution to work it in for 45 minutes. Allow the surface to dry at least two hours after scrubbing. Note: For projects less than 1500 sq. ft., pail mix hardener solution and pour onto slab, spreading with a flat squeegee before scrubbing.


Empty scrubber tanks, rinse and fill with clean water. Travel at a medium walking pace in a north/south, east/west pattern with rinse water at full flow. Scrub with 800 Grit WHITE diamond pads at full down pressure and squeegee down. Edges and corners should be cleaned with a mop and wet-vac to remove hardener residue. Allow floor to dry completely.


Burnish the entire floor with a quality high speed heat style burnishing pad.


Mix one part CENTRY (ISG) with two parts water into a pump sprayer. Traveling across the slab in an “east to west” direction, mist ITC solution without puddling at a minimum rate of 1,000 sqft per gallon. Work ISG across the sprayed area with a microfiber pad dampened with the ISG product in a north/south motion first before using a figure 8 pattern to spread the product evenly. Allow 2 to 4 hours dry time before burnishing with a high speed burnisher mounted with a burnishing heat pad. Burnish in a north/south, east/west pattern. Dry mop floor and apply a second coat of ISG. Burnish again after drying within 4 hours. Note*A 3rd coat maybe required for high gloss (1,500 finish)

Centry Concrete Care products can be purchased at an authorized distributor. Please email and we will get you in contact with one of our distribution partners.

Download PDF • 6.91MB

- ED

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At Centry Concrete Care our mission statement is simple. Innovate Chemistry - Improve Technology. But what does that really mean? To us, it a proactive product development approach which focuses on improving current technology. A great example of our process coming to market is the first installment in our polishing series branded as Centry's TuffTrack Concrete Polishing System. TuffTrack was thoughtfully designed to polish overlays, smooth troweled concrete and restore previously polished concrete floors.

Historically, polishing smooth troweled concrete and overlay's involved using propane or electric polishing machines mounted with a series of resin discs and/or polishing pads. While this system is effective and produces a beautiful floor, it does have drawbacks such as high expense, silica exposure, concrete cap damage and messy clean up. Those drawbacks were the key design elements we wanted to address. We asked ourselves - "Can we use chemistry to lower installation costs and mitigate silica exposure while not damaging the concrete cap in a clean and efficient manner? Our first goal was to formulate a concrete cleaner and densifier that remains stable in mechanical auto scrubbers while not damaging any application or vacuum mechanism. Another goal was use recently enhanced down pressure design enhancements from auto scrubber manufacturers to our advantage. Auto Scrubbers with at least 260 foot-pounds of down pressure creates an ideal delivery and polishing mechanism when combined with inexpensive diamond impregnated fiber pads. The end result is a self-contained wet polishing system that makes the installation process of polishing smooth troweled, previously polished or overlay concrete fast, cost-effective, durable and clean.

For more information visit www.centryconcretecare/processes


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