Centry Origins

I am often asked "What does Centry mean and how did you arrive at that obscure name?"

A quick history lesson will bring us back to ancient Rome and the teachings of Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (c. 35 – c. 100 AD). He has a famous quote that says Quis, Quid, Ubi, Quibus Auxiliis, Cur, Quomodo, Quando? – ‘Who, what, where, with what, why, how?

Quintilianus lead us down a path to discovery and ultimately decided the roman Centurion guard will be the symbolic brand ambassador for our company. Centry Concrete Care products protect, strengthen and guard concrete just like the Centurions protected, strengthened and guarded Rome. The Centurion was the commander of a century within the roman army. Centurions were the highest rank usually held by men who were not from Rome’s elite senatorial or equestrian social classes. After Marius had reformed the army during the Republic era, they played a vital role and continued to be important throughout the Empire. At its height, that Empire employed around 1,800 legionary Centurions and at least as many commanding auxiliary troops.

The path to discovery found more answers to Quintilian's quote so we adopted (4) Roman foundation symbols that will help guide us to prosperity:

  1. "Aquila" The Eagle - Perched atop the legionary standard, its wings outstretched, this ferocious hunting bird represents the span of our products and processes 

  2. "Viribus" Strength - The triangle is the symbol of our products representing strength

  3. "Sapentia" Wisdom - The owl is the symbol of our processes representing wisdom and prophecy

  4. "Triumphi" Triumph - The laurel wreath  is our symbol of success and triumph

- ED 

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