How we use Chemistry to Improve Technology

At Centry Concrete Care our mission statement is simple. Innovate Chemistry - Improve Technology. But what does that really mean? To us, it a proactive product development approach which focuses on improving current technology. A great example of our process coming to market is the first installment in our polishing series branded as Centry's TuffTrack Concrete Polishing System. TuffTrack was thoughtfully designed to polish overlays, smooth troweled concrete and restore previously polished concrete floors.

Historically, polishing smooth troweled concrete and overlay's involved using propane or electric polishing machines mounted with a series of resin discs and/or polishing pads. While this system is effective and produces a beautiful floor, it does have drawbacks such as high expense, silica exposure, concrete cap damage and messy clean up. Those drawbacks were the key design elements we wanted to address. We asked ourselves - "Can we use chemistry to lower installation costs and mitigate silica exposure while not damaging the concrete cap in a clean and efficient manner? Our first goal was to formulate a concrete cleaner and densifier that remains stable in mechanical auto scrubbers while not damaging any application or vacuum mechanism. Another goal was use recently enhanced down pressure design enhancements from auto scrubber manufacturers to our advantage. Auto Scrubbers with at least 260 foot-pounds of down pressure creates an ideal delivery and polishing mechanism when combined with inexpensive diamond impregnated fiber pads. The end result is a self-contained wet polishing system that makes the installation process of polishing smooth troweled, previously polished or overlay concrete fast, cost-effective, durable and clean.

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