One Densifier, Many Options

At Centry Concrete Care our mission is to design and manufacture Versatile Concrete Polishing Systems. Our versatility is showcased by our unique and revolutionary concrete slab densifier called RESTORE. So you ask - What is so unique and revolutionary about it? Well for starters its the only concrete polishing densifier on the market that can be applied using mechanical auto scrubbers. This benefit immediately opens up a huge opportunity for contractors to increase speed and reduce installation costs. How did we do this? We manufacture our silica nanoparticles from raw materials and this allows us to design and formulate differently. We can keep the liquids stable in ambient air and will not thicken or harm the auto scrubbers application and vacuum mechanisms. The end result is the most versatile concrete slab densifier available. If you have a small job use the pump sprayer option, a large job use an auto scrubber, enormous job use autonomous auto scrubbers! Save time, Save money, Increase Speed and Increase Shine with Centry Concrete Care. The choice is yours.


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