What is Centry NanoPOUR Densifier Technology?

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NanoPOUR Concrete Densifier Technology?

NanoPOUR Densifier Technology by Centry Concrete Care is a unique proprietary formula created to be versatile. We can achieve versatility that others cannot because we manufacture our own silica nano particles in-house from raw materials. During the development process we wanted a densifier with the following characteristics:

  • Dual Application Formula - Auto Scrubber or Pump Sprayer Applied

  • Amorphous Collodial Silica Base

  • Low Ph

  • Freeze/Thaw/Use Resistant

  • Ability to formulate into cleaners, densifiers and guards

  • Sold in Concentrated form

  • Reduces Efflorescence, Dusting and (ASR)

  • Nano Particle sizes optimal for concrete penetration

  • No VOC's, Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous

The end result was a versatile densifier that can be applied by mechanical floor scrubber or traditional pump sprayer. We named it NanoPOUR because our proprietary silica nano particles are essentially pouring into the concrete to strengthen the slab from the inside out. NanoPour also increases hydration rates and (C-S-H) calcium silicate gel and mechanical properties. NanoPOUR is an essential additive to our cleaners and guards providing flawless integration and exceptional durability.

- ED

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